I know that The Coronavirus has caught us all off-guard, unprepared. The things that we obsessed over and worried about yesterday now seem trivial as we practice social distancing, hunker down with our families, and wait to see what will happen.  We need to be strong, centered and supported now more than ever.

My heart goes out to the children for whom school is their only meal and safe place.  The vulnerable and elderly who are the targets of this virus,  those who have no savings and can’t stock up on a few week’s worths of supplies.  I feel for the children who are scared, the mentally ill and challenged, the isolated, and the medical personnel who are acting brave but are quietly freaking out.  It’s essential for us to be strong, centered and supported ( if not supportive) to help all of them through this crisis.


We will be fine

Most of us will be fine, physically, once this passes. Emotionally, economically? Who knows – I don’t even want to go there.

I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe. It seems so trite to be even typing this blog. But writing down feelings IS calming and centering – I may even take up that journaling practice I’ve been threatening to do for years.

On the one hand, I’m staying calm, keeping the faith, setting up my kids for ‘distance learning’ (what a pain!), and trying to look for silver linings. (I taught Teenager 2 how to sort laundry and use the washing machine today.)

Then a minute later I’m filled with anxiety and dread, and just want to curl up in a ball. Do you feel me?  I need to feel strong, centered and supported just as much as anyone.

Well, the latter is not an option – especially for us women of a certain age.


We are the sandwich generation

We have kids/nieces/nephews/grandchildren who are watching our every move – our response will shape them immeasurably. And we have elderly parents who need us now more than ever.

Manage your stress in peri/menopause – they say.

Your symptoms will get worse if you don’t, they say.

HAH! Is all I have to say.

BUT being ‘latchkey’ Generation Xers, we know there is no point in whining. Our parents’ hands-free parenting style prepared us for this. We may be $%^& scared, but we have resilience.  We are strong, understand the importance of being centered and we can support each other!

For me right now, having a community of women I can be real with, and who help me feel less isolated, is a blessing. A place to vent and express how I’m really feeling without freaking out my family.

For this, I’m grateful to the amazing and strong women who are in my Facebook group, and to YOU who are taking the time to read my musings. Thank you for being my people.

In my small attempt to do something, ANYTHING, to help ‘flatten the curve’, and to feel less isolated during this time of social isolation, I’m running free online ‘Social Distancing’ Mindful Movement classes for Peri/Menopause.


Tracy Seider

Tracy Seider

Hi! I’m Tracy.

I’m a movement coach on a mission to help peri- and menopausal women see that they do not have to accept a ‘new normal’ as they age that is anything less than fabulous.

You see, I spent years in treatment for hip, back, bladder and pelvic issues, even though I exercised regularly and taught yoga part-time. It was only when I started following a whole-body approach to wellness, moving better, and moving more that I finally found relief.

In fact, I’m stronger and healthier at 50 than I was 20 years ago.

Along my healing journey I learned five movement breakthroughs that I share with my clients.

We need WAY more movement than we think we do.
Small changes can make a really big difference.
How you breathe truly matters.
The hour at the gym does not undo all the damage that is caused by too much chair-sitting.
Your movement and alignment habits can be wrecking your body.

I believe so strongly in this work that I quit my desk-job to teach better movement full-time.

If you are ready to step out of the conventional exercise box, let’s chat and see if movement coaching is right for you.

It may just be the solution you never even knew existed.