Green Energy: The New Gold

There is a modern-day gold rush happening in California right now, and it’s in the green energy sector.  Acres of solar farms and supporting infrastructure needed to harness green energy production are sprouting up like weeds.  There is one area in Southern California in particular that is positioned as the mecca for the upcoming green energy boom.  Just like in the 1849 gold rush, there is one thing in common that is in high demand: land.   Land is needed for large-scale green energy production and our future sustainability.

Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Earth

In the interview I did with Marcella Silva, Land Baronness, a couple of years ago, we discuss this trend.  Fast forward 2 years, and you can see much of what we talked about coming to fruition.  From an investing standpoint, there is still an opportunity here, too!

The opportunity to create passive income with green energy is ripe right now.  Being a part of the green energy movement is also something that could truly align with your values if you champion the environment and sustainable living.

Whether you are looking to build wealth, create passive income,  diversify your portfolio, or just curious to learn how real estate is being used to create a sustainable future for us, take a listen to the interview below with Marcella Silva.

green energy | land banking


Listen to the whole Money Boss interview with Marcella Silva here.

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Michelle Boss

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