In our current global circumstances, it is not uncommon for you to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and a heavy heart.  Heart Meditation lightens the load.

A short  4-minute Heart Meditation or heart rhythm meditation can be the antidote for stress, feeling overwhelmed, and ease your heavy heart. It is one of my favorite “feel-better” tools.   I use it regularly myself and teach Heart Meditation to my clients. It is helpful to Support your heart for any state of being – sadness, happiness, confusion, content, scared, scattered, appreciative, joyful, and the whole range of human experience.


The Beauty of Heart Meditation


The beauty of heart meditation is that it brings your attention and awareness into your body, and it’s important to be able to feel your body.

You are also connecting with the brain in your heart, another center of intelligence in your amazing body’s design.

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It is deceivingly simple and profound. There is nothing to figure out, just be.

I can assure you that the part of you that is used to doing, problem-solving, producing, and checking things off the list will not like this and that’s OK.

Heart Meditation is for the being part of you that, contrary to cultural conditioning, is just as vital to engage with.

When you approach life from the heart, you feel more alive and in touch with your authentic self.

Connect more often to the deep internal well of presence and fill your own cup and serve from your overflow.

You can also tap into your heart’s desire with meditation.

Peaceful, soothing music and nature sounds can nurture your mind, body, and soul while doing heart meditation.  Supporting and empowering you on your life journey.   Click here are some of my favorites.

Invite your heart to a guide back home to yourself.

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA, CMT believes as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. She serves as an Embodiment Mentor and has over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts including a MA in Expressive Therapy, life and wellness coaching, therapeutic massage and bodywork, somatics, energy medicine, and conscious movement & dance. Lisa is energetically sensitive that blesses her with a strong divine connection and challenges her to stay centered in an overwhelming world. She has discovered that honoring body wisdom is the key to sustaining wellbeing and soul evolution with more ease and grace. Learn more