I love the feeling I get when essential oils are diffusing in my home. Many evenings I enjoy a bath with a few drops of lavender for relaxation and the invigorating scent of peppermint keeps me alert during a long day at work.

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed, or root of a plant or tree. They have been used for centuries by many different cultures for their healing properties.  In the USA, since they are not regulated, we tend to use essential oils for relaxation, beauty care, and “natural” remedies, and home cleaning.

Essential Oils Offer Natural Fragrance to Enhance the Home and More

It’s common knowledge that essential oils can be diffused or used topically but did you know that you can cook with them, too?

Cooking with essential oils adds amazing flavor to your food and in addition, can offer internal benefits that most people are not aware of. Essential oils can provide your body with antioxidant support, digestive support, internal cleansing, and much more.

I know you are excited but before you begin cooking with essential oils, it is “ESSENTIAL” to make sure that you are using only high-quality oils that are thoroughly tested to ensure they are contaminant-free and safe for consumption.

Essential oils are highly concentrated

It takes 256 pounds of peppermint leaf to make one pound of peppermint essential oil.  One hundred fifty pounds of lavender flowers are required to make one pound of lavender essential oil and one thousand pounds of roses make 1 pound of rose essential oil.

Purity is “Essential”

Many essential oils on the market today, typically sold in grocery and department stores claim that they are 100% pure YET are predominantly synthetic fillers. Synthetic Filler = BAD! Unregulated by the FDA, many oil makers add just a few drops of 100% pure oil to a bottle and fill the remainder with a chemical synthetic filler. These oils that you see in the stores are labeled “for external use only” for a reason. Do not use these!

Again, the essential oils you will want to use for cooking must be 100% oil from the essential part of the plant that growers extract and harvest it from. It is also important is that the oils have been harvested from parts of the world that the plant and/or tree is indigenous to as the soil and climate are extremely important for its purity. For example, English Lavender would not have the same exact properties if it were to grow and be harvested in Iowa. It may grow there but it wouldn’t quite be the same.

When using and cooking with 100% pure essential oils, you are using safe natural ingredients that already exist in our diets. Another benefit is that you only need a very small amount of essential oil to add powerful flavor to your recipes. This is one of those times that more is better- it’s not. It can be overpowering!

Cooking with essential oils is also convenient. How many times in the midst of preparing a dish or baking a dessert have you realized you are out of a certain fruit, spice, or dried herb? Essential oils can be used without sacrificing the flavor and adding to it!


Add Essential Oils to Water

Personally, I enjoy citrus oils, lemon, lime, or grapefruit in my water. Honestly, it’s much easier to carry a bottle of essential oil in my bag than a few lemons or a large grapefruit. One drop of oil in a 4 oz glass of water is all it takes.

When adding citrus oils to your water it is critical that you use a glass container. Citrus oils are known for their detoxifying properties.  Its possible that when using a plastic container the plastic will be drawn into the water. You don’t want to drink plastic! Think about this…if the citrus oils can draw out the plastic from the container imagine all the toxins it can draw out of your body!

Cooking with Essential Oils is versatile and you can easily into your salad dressings, marinades, flavored olive oils, soups and stews, and dips. Essential oils are extremely potent and one drop goes a long way! I find the best way to add them is to dip a toothpick into the oil then swirl it into your recipe. You can simply add more to taste and desire.

A Little Goes a  Long Way

If your recipe requires cooking and heating for an extended amount of time like boiling, steaming, slow cooking, simmering, and baking, it’s recommended to add an extra drop or two. The oil will evaporate during the cooking process but they are still quite potent. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that some oils are stronger than others. Cinnamon, clove, cumin, oregano, and thyme are naturally very bold, so I’d err on the side of fewer drops than too many.

When adding essential it is recommended to cook or bake in ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. Again, you want to avoid plastic.

It is vital to note that not all oils should be consumed internally due to their chemical makeup. Some of these oils include Eucalyptus, Cypress, Arborvitae, Cedarwood, Douglas Fir, White Fir, and Wintergreen. And some should be avoided if you are pregnant and others around babies. For additional information click here.

Adding essential oils is a natural way to incorporate the beneficial scents, flavors, and healing properties of the plants.

Here’s a simple dessert recipe that I know will soon become one of your go-to desserts! Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or backyard BBQ this is a crowd pleaser.

Check out this DELICIOUS recipe for Baked Pears!

Baked Pears with Cinnamon E.O.
Makes: 4 halves
What You’ll Need

2 large ripe pears
¼ cup crushed pecans
2 tablespoons of honey or Maple Syrup
3 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
or 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
How to Do It:

  • Gather all ingredients
  • Preheat oven to 350°F
  • Cut pears in half, horizontally
  • Scoop out core
  • Place on baking sheet
  • Combine walnuts, honey, and Cinnamon Essential Oil in a bowl
  • Stuff each pear half with a mixture
  • Top with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Bake 30 minutes
  • Cool slightly before serving

For more tasty recipes you can connect with me here or email me at Allison@EssentialOilAllison.com.


Allison Burton

Allison Burton

The ability to provide Natural, Pure, and Essential oils to my family and friends has brought me such a feeling of empowerment that I want to share it with others and reintroduce people to a time tested, Natural, Pure, and Essential solution to what life throws at us.  Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!