Discover the cutting-edge fitness trend revolutionizing workouts and transforming wellness: infrared exercise. While it may seem like a new trend in the fitness industry is emerging every week, one you surely don’t want to overlook is infrared exercise. This workout style provides an extra layer of intensity to any workout and has been shown to have many benefits for the mind and body. If you’ve never heard of infrared exercise, it’s time to learn about all its therapeutic benefits.


What is Infrared Exercise?

Before we discuss its many benefits, it can be helpful to understand infrared exercise. You may have seen workout studios with intense red lighting or a Hotworx advertised near your home. This exercise uses infrared light to penetrate the body while working out. You’ll feel your body heating up as the infrared lighting penetrates the deeper layers of your body.


What Therapeutic Benefits Can You Receive?

When it comes to your mind and body, there are a plethora of therapeutic benefits that you can enjoy. First and foremost, as your body heats up due to the infrared light while you’re exercising, your body releases endorphins. These are the feel-good hormones that help your body and mind to de-stress. We all could do with a little less stress in our lives.

Growth hormones are another beneficial benefit of using infrared workouts in daily life. These hormones provide many anti-aging benefits by removing unwanted toxins and acids from your body. Think of infrared exercising as a way to change your oil, per se. As your body gets rid of those nasty toxins, your immune system will strengthen, making you less susceptible to falling ill.

What Other Benefits Can You Gain?

Everyone is talking about the big benefit of infrared exercise: slimming down faster. It’s important to realize that infrared lighting will penetrate the deep levels of the skin, heating your core. Your heart rate will substantially increase as you experience this deep heat penetration. This will have you burning many calories in a much shorter time than traditional exercise alone.

As you work out in this intense heat, your body adapts. This will allow your endurance levels to build up as your body becomes more tolerant to heat while exercising. Over time, you’ll discover that you’re less likely to suffer from fatigue when working out in hot conditions.

Your skin is a significant contributor to what age you look. With infrared exercise, your skin can become rejuvenated and tighter thanks to removing unwanted toxins and acids from the body. This is because infrared workouts help boost overall blood circulation, meaning more toxins can be removed than regular exercise alone.

We can’t talk about the benefits of infrared exercise without mentioning better sleep quality. The reason that this type of exercise can promote better sleep is multi-faceted. It reduces bodily stress and makes it easier to fall asleep at night. With increased blood circulation, the body will experience fewer aches and pains that would otherwise lead to sleep disturbances. Even more so, infrared exercise boosts melatonin production in the body, which is the hormone you need plenty of to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the entire night.

What Exercises Can You Do With Infrared Lighting?

Infrared lighting, or red light therapy, can be paired with many exercises. Yoga, Pilates, cycling, and even barre can all be more beneficial with infrared lighting. This red light therapy can also be added to traditional exercise equipment, like treadmills, to enhance their effect on the body.


How Long Will It Take to Notice Results?

The beauty of infrared exercise is that it amplifies your body’s regular workout routine. When you try your very first workout with infrared red light therapy, you’ll be able to feel the difference relatively quickly. Your body will feel much warmer than usual, and your heart rate will increase. Thanks to its ability to release muscle acid and toxins and enhance your blood circulation, you’ll notice that your body isn’t as rundown post-workout.


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