For the first time since I’ve been on the planet, (this time), through Covid, the entire world experienced a global event that touched their everyday lives at the same time. As someone who truly believes in the collective consciousness, consider the impact this two+ year event has had on the contributions to that energetic pool. All I know is whenever there is that much of a dramatic energetic impact on a source that affects everyone, I must assume something is going to change. I believe the change is beginning now, and my guess is you may be feeling it also. From today forward, let us move from contraction to expansion.

After two years of living a constricted life, our freedom to move and stretch is increasing every day. People are anxious to get back to living their lives, or are they? It appears that many people are anxious to get back to living, but not the same lives they had when this all started. While being confined to their living quarters for months at a time, many people made discoveries about themselves and their lives that surprised them. One of the discoveries many people have recognized is that their lives weren’t as great as they thought they were. That whatever they were doing before being grounded and sent to their rooms just doesn’t light their fire anymore. They’ve discovered that there is something else within them that is calling them out. They are being called into an expansion of self.


Energetic Shifts

As someone who is sensitive to energetic shifts, I can attest that the energy of change is everywhere. Perhaps you’ve noticed it? Perhaps you are finding yourself evaluating where you are in your life and being called to make changes. Some of these changes may be small, like giving up sugar or starting to exercise. Some of them may be on a larger scale, such as life or career changes. Whether large or small, have no doubt that the Universe is encouraging you to step into the new energy.

Even though the Universe is supporting you in whatever direction you want to go, making changes in your life can cause you to venture into uncharted territory. Territories where you have never ventured before or if you have, you might not have experienced the success you were hoping for. These inklings for change may have you rubbing up against the subconscious beliefs that try to keep you safely tucked into the familiar life you have always had.

My client, who we will call Jane Doe, felt the tug of expansion. In Jane’s case, it was to take her coaching business to a national level. As a business coach, she is very familiar with the operational steps a business owner needs to go through to make a major expansion. She was both mentally and financially engaged in changing her business model from a much smaller client base to the larger national client base she wanted to create.

As she was going through the mechanics, she recognized that while re-enforcing the foundation of her business was not a problem, she couldn’t get herself to address her actual services. The services that required her to step out in front of that national audience. She kept avoiding it. While it didn’t logically make any sense to her, based on the work we’ve done before, she knew she was pushing her subconscious limits and not listening to her intuition.


Subconscious Thoughts

What she discovered in our sessions together was her subconscious was reminding her she wasn’t good enough to play on that level. Consciously, she recognized this was the same fear she had when she first started.

She knew it wasn’t true then, and it wasn’t true now. As the tug for her to expand was so great and so thrilling to her, she changed that subconscious belief system. She is now on the way to realizing the expansion she felt early this year.

Jane isn’t the only person in situations like this. Maybe you’re feeling the tug of expansion or change. You may also be dealing with self-limiting thoughts that are keeping you tethered to whatever part of your life you’re trying to change. If so, maybe you will find the following helpful.


Expansion or Change

  1. Ask yourself if this change will enhance or diminish your life. If enhance, move forward. Diminish reconsider.
  2. Will this change enhance or diminish the lives of others.
  3. Listen to the objections you’re getting from the thoughts in your head. Take them apart one by one and address them
  • Are they true? Even if true, is it relevant? (Example True statement – “You did that when you were 20, and it didn’t work.” Not Relevant you were 20. You’re different today)
  • Is it your belief or someone else’s? Meaning, is this something someone in your life may have implanted? (Example: “You’re pretty, but    you’re not very smart.”) If so, do you hold it as true?
  • Do you find this statement totally ridiculous?
  • Even if you’re afraid, do it anyway. Remind yourself of all the things you’ve done in your life that frightened you at one time.but you did them anyway. Things like learning to swim, going on your first date, getting married, going to work, or dozens of other things I am sure you’ve accomplished.
  • If you can’t do it afraid, get support from someone who can assist you to replace the negative beliefs with supporting and encouraging ones.


Human Experience

Know that this nudging for expansion is part of the human experience. We are designed to grow and expand, learn new and exciting things, and live our life to the fullest. If you are feeling discomfort in your status quo, there is a reason for it. Open yourself to the possibility of what it could be and what you could be if you stepped into the unknown.

I truly believe there was a reason for our forced confinement. Humanity as a whole needed a jump start to re-awaken to the goodness of who we are and the power we have within us to live a fulfilling and genuine life, to create a world of love and harmony. Engage with this energy of expansion. I invite you to open your thinking to new thoughts, focus your actions in a new direction, and take yourself to the next level of your existence. You may find it well worth your while.

As Buzz Lightyear ® would say, “To Infinite and beyond!”


Linda Minnick

Linda Minnick
Linda Minnick

Linda Minnick is a certified life coach, PSYCH-K© Health and Wellness facilitator, motivational speaker, author, certified sales trainer, and entrepreneur. She has been involved in coaching and training for over 30 years and has presented training programs on national stages across the country.

Linda received her certification from the Life Mastery Institute. As a true believer and practitioner of transformational thinking, Linda presents the power of creating your own life in various fashions to individuals and groups.

Along with PSYCH-K© and her coaching, Linda is also trained in Reiki, Inner Speak™, 7 Rays and Ho ‘oponopono, and basic Pranic healing. She is also a certified card reader. She works with individuals looking for support in their personal and professional Transformation.
Linda’s quest is to help as many people as possible in understanding the power they hold within themselves to create the lives and eh success that they truly desire and deserve, and hopeful, in the process, to discover the connection with the Infinite and the rest of Creation. It has been her honor to support hundreds of clients over the years on their own quests.

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