Nutrition and digestive health coach Andrea Hayley-Sankaran (a.k.a. the Joyful Chef) is a teacher, community leader, and creator of courses, protocols, and tools that empower women to take control of their eating and their health. Hundreds of women now eat well, live well, and feel well due to her strategies, passion, and compassion to advance their success.  Looking for amazing, healthy, and delicious recipes? Them visit Andrea’s blog, Buttered Veg.

Andrea is the founder of Good Gut Ayurveda, a certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach, and the creator of Happy Eater, a 6-week program that helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals take control of their health and unlock their energy, freedom, and FLOW.

Andrea is a vegetarian chef of 25 years who’s known as the “joyful chef” because of her infectious love for cooking. Students rave about their cooking class experiences as they experience her signature mindful approach to cooking and eating. They especially appreciate learning how to cook vegetarian food that tastes so amazing they don’t miss the meat.

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