Dear Homebody Nethead,   If you’re like me you’d rather stay in and hang out at home instead of going out and about.   I enjoy my garden, my dogs, and sticking close to home.  Even work is more convenient at home.  If that is appealing to you then perhaps the laptop lifestyle may be for you!

I’m going to be honest with you —On a Friday night when asked to go out, I say I have plans but those plans consist of me binging my favorite show or talking with my friends in a chat room and eating in bed with my laptop open beside me. Now could I spend every day like that as work?

Yes, I could!
It’s an introvert’s dream!
And I’m not the only one who would love this laptop lifestyle. Whether it be starting your own online business or working remotely from home, here are some reasons why the laptop lifestyle might be for you.


I work on a clock and plan my days around my personal activities and leisure time, so having the ability to create my own schedule is something I desire. There’s so much more to life than just work! Work is more than just a paycheck — it’s a lifestyle, and you should have a lifestyle that makes you most comfortable. Time to work out, meet with friends and family, a vacation or just a day to myself is important to me. The holiday season is here and the pressure to be present is most important to me and my family. 
With the internet and media growing ever so quickly by the second, the laptop lifestyle has become more lucrative.   Computers and laptops have allowed people all over the world to connect and collaborate in more ways than we could have ever imagined. Because of this, it’s become the perfect tool for extensive networking, creating endless possibilities to make money online such as writing, streaming, music, and graphics, MLM, and other opportunities to be mobile and fill the bank with money. Money is the lever that brings comfort to us all. Who wants more of that?


Having more freedom in your life means more for you to choose what you want to do. This means the freedom to live and work abroad, do more of what you like during the day, casual attire, work your own hours — you name it!   The laptop lifestyle gives you teh ability to live the life you truly want to live.
Working from home can also level the playing field for entrepreneurs. People like me who have disabilities can also find our nitch and Voice start and maintain a wonderful life that we can create.
If you decide that the laptop lifestyle is for you then check out these 20  Best Practices.
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Lisa Tuccio

Lisa Tuccio

I am passionate about helping regular people find their “It Factor” using proven modern marketing stratigies that will set you up for success.

For too long I was ashamed of many aspects of my life. I didn’t know my “It Factor”, I was hung up on old patterns, and giving up on things ever improving for me. I was out there networking to grow my business – and didn’t realize I was hiding parts of my story under the rug and not sharing my gifts. I was using old copy past, make a list, call all my friends as a stratigies and never finding my voice or success in my business.

I didn’t realize that by glossing over my truth and my story, I was preventing progress in my life both personally and professionally. I was dealing with chronic health issues, pain from the past, and not seeing the success I wanted- and often times was asking myself how can I use my story to help others overcome as I did and I have found a solution!

I am now looking to grow my network and an online community sharing proven modern marketing stratigies and how I found my voice. I can help educate you on the road map I am using today, help network marketers with our brand partner to ditch the sameness, ditch the copy paste and ditch the comparitis.

I love swapping stories and potential collaboration with you if you are:

◆ self-motivated and capable of doing more in your life but unsure of next steps.
◆ considering a more purposeful step in their career, but feeling stuck because of current obligations (mortgage, kids, etc.).
◆ reassessing your professional goals and financial situation after overcoming a setback, failed business stratigies. and looking to find your voice and brand.
◆ feel like you are working hard in a dead end direction – and ready to learn about new opportunities that would better fit your lifestyle, goals, or personality.

Let’s find time to chat and have meaningful conversation. Perhaps we can be mutually beneficial for one another’s dreams and goals.

Connect with me here – and schedule a chat